FROSIO Certified Coating & Paint Inspection Services

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Coating, Painting and Inspection Services

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blasting and coating inspection and supervision

Blasting & Painting Supervision

Abrasive equipment will be assessed to ensure that it is suitable for use and fit for purpose. Abrasives will be checked prior to use and blasting will be monitored to ensure that the correct degree of cleanliness and profi le have been achieved.

Non-conforming areas will be reworked until a satisfactory result is obtained. When surfaces have been prepared to the correct specified standard application of the coating system will be allowed subject to the ambient weather conditions and surface temperatures being within limits.

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Coating Services

Coating Inspection
Blasting & Painting Supervision
Training in preparation and
application techniques
Coating Failure Analysis
Coating Consultancy Services
Material Selection
Coating Condition Survey
Specifi cation Writing & Review