NACE & FROSIO Certified Coating & Paint Inspection Services

We watch paint dry so you don't have to

Coating, Painting and Inspection Services

Our services save clients time, money and shield customers from major problems in the future. As a growing company we are always on the lookout for talented candidates as extra hands on deck, or to add to our impressive technical capabilities. People matter to us. Our work frequently means long hours working against the clock. However, it’s our responsibility to ensure that clients receive the best job possible. That is why our team is the best.

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Coating Services

Coating Services
Coating Inspection (QC & QA)
Blasting & Painting Supervision
Training in preparation and application techniques
Coating Failure Analysis
Coating Consultancy Services
Material Selection
Coating Condition Survey
Specification Writing & Review

Turning failures into successes
Flexibility is vital. We often start with straightforward inspections, followed by blasting and painting supervision. We offer training too. However, where there has been failure prior to us coming on to site, Howard Jess Solutions can step in quickly to provide a failure analysis service.

Consultancy for better decision-making
Problem analysis is part of our wider consultancy services, which also include material selection and interim coating condition surveys.
To make things black and white for easier decision-making, we also put detailed specification recommendations into writing so that there can be no mistake. Similarly, we write detailed reviews where nothing is left to chance.

On site and hands-on
On site, we assess the suitability and fitness-for-purpose of abrasive equipment and abrasives. We monitor blasting to ensure the correct degree of cleanliness and profile is achieved. Non-conforming areas are reworked until satisfactory.  Only then is the correct coating system applied to the correct specified standard - subject to ambient weather conditions and surface temperature limits. You can rely on us without fail.

blasting and coating inspection and supervision

Blasting & Painting Supervision

Abrasive equipment will be assessed to ensure that it is suitable for use and fit for purpose. Abrasives will be checked prior to use and blasting will be monitored to ensure that the correct degree of cleanliness and profi le have been achieved.

Non-conforming areas will be reworked until a satisfactory result is obtained. When surfaces have been prepared to the correct specified standard application of the coating system will be allowed subject to the ambient weather conditions and surface temperatures being within limits.