NACE & FROSIO Certified Coating & Paint Inspection Services

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The team provides ultra-high quality protection to busy asset operators in the marine & shipping, oil & gas and renewables sectors. However, our clients also include Greenpeace, the British Antarctic Survey and Disney Fantasy – with innovative opportunities in many other industries. The size and cost of many modern engineering assets means that extremely high-integrity rugged environment coatings can be very beneficial.

marine and shipping

Marine and Shipping

35 years experience in the Coatings Industry Howard Jess Solutions Limited was started by Howard Jess in 2009 after nearly 35 years in the coating industry.

A NACE Certified Coating Inspector and a Registered Marine Surveyor, Howard Jess has inspected many projects over the last 15 years at new build, during maintenance and repair at sea and in dry-dock.

Inspection work includes projects in the oil and gas industry, the renewable energy industry and a number of dry-dockings for ships owned by Stena, Disney Cruiselines, MOL LNG, US Coastguard, Greenpeace and many others.

oil and gas paint inspection

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has many corrosion issues from original design to on-site maintenance and repair. Howard Jess Solutions Limited can assist in the planning, implementation and inspection of both onshore and offshore projects.

renewables and offshore


Howard Jess Solutions Limited have carried out a large number of QC and QA inspections on many offshore wind farm project during the manufacturing phase, during installation and through life after installation. Inspections on over 300 Transition Pieces, Jackets and OHVS modules have been carried out in the last 5 years. Projects include Northwind, Riffgatt, Lichterduinen, Amronbank West, and Buitendiek. Current projects include Gemini with 150 Transition Pieces, 2 Jackets and 2 OHVS Modules making this project one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world.

Wind, waves, icy waters and Disney
Offshore wind turbines now operate in aggressive wave and weather conditions far out in deep waters. Oil & gas installations are in the same position. Meanwhile, the tight economics of keeping shipping operating at sea also means that sequestering them in dry dock for longer than absolutely necessary is prohibitively expensive.

Once wind farms, vessels, rigs and platforms are out at sea, continuous operation and maintenance (O&M) work is far easier if coatings are first-class in the first place. Salt water is highly corrosive; there is often no second chance.

At the same time, technical advances are extending the durability of well-applied coatings.
We bring all these elements together, not only in traditional heavy industries but also in new areas where long-term protection can make a serious financial difference.

This includes construction, building and civil engineering - we have worked on the new Disney Fantasy at Meyer Werft in Germany. When the British Antarctic Survey wanted a competent solution for the hull of the RSS Ernest Shackleton that patrols remote polar waters, they called us in. We were also an integral part of the new-build for Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior 3 which has a habit of running into stormy waters of a different kind!

Excellent opportunities all round
We have been involved with dry-dock projects for Stena, Disney Cruiselines, MOP, LNG and the US Coastguard - as well as key inspections in the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Far East.

It means that well-qualified paint and coating specialists experienced in working at height or in confined spaces joining Howard Jess are assured jobs on many interesting projects.

However, the emphasis is on dock warriors, not desk warriors!